New for 2009

*No Slip Grip
*New Alligator Mini Clips w/ Teeth {Tested}
*No Fray Guarantee
*New Glitter On any Princess Pritty at no extra charge
*New Tulle behind on any Pritty $1 more
*New Marabou Fur behind any Pritty $1 more

Email me at to set up a viewing of Princess Prittys or to place an order...
Pritty Beanies

Crocheted Beanies

Fits 2yrs and up

$6.00 each on sale for $5.00


Available (in stock): Chocolate Brown, White, Pink, Yellow, and Black

Available to order: Mint, Red, Orange, Sky Blue, Hunter Green, Khaki, Burgundy, Lilac, Lt. Pink, Navy, and Ivory

Flowers sold separately


Knit Beanie w/ Ears and Metallic Threading

Fits 6-12 mos.

$5.00 each

Leopard Velour/Satin Newborn Beanie

Fits Newborn-3mos.


Flowers Sold Separately

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